Aww schmucks…

Since I have found a movie theater with a ticket price of $4 my movie has gonce up considerly in the last year.

Last week I paid to see Dinner for Schmucks. It’s pretty meh. Nothing like the French version, which can be taken for granted in the first place. More of a I wait for HBO or Redbox type movie, a movie I eat lunch and fold laundry to.  Rudd is a-dorable. Carell I prefer in dramatic roles.

Overall nothing I would reccomend anyone should sit in a large dark room with a bunch of strangers for.

Yet there is one major must see: Stephanie Szostak’s hair. You may (not) know Stephanie Szostak from The Devil Wears Prada as Miranda’s Priestley’s rival Jacqueline Follet (aka that French woman with grey streaks in her hair that barely had any lines.) Szostak’s hair is an adorable short shag. Okay these pictures don’t give you the full glory of her hair, but it’s pretty great and really now that I think about it it’s worth the $4 just to get a preview of my new hairstyle.

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Hello world!

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